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    When I had issues with my portapack, it took me some time to remark that these issues only happened with a particular USB cable.

    The SDR would work fine, and then when I would try to record or playback, the screen would turn dark.

    You can see this in the following video:

    使用ssr退出后,电脑能连上无线网,但是不能上网的解决 ...:2021-4-20 · 我的电脑是windows 10系统,前几天使用ssr后,不知道是ssr退出方式不对还是怎么了,在之后电脑能连接上无线网,但是网络时有时无,无的时间多,及其不稳定,后来尝试了几种方法才解决了这 …

    拯救被墙的服务器 - tlanyan:2021-5-19 · 经常科学上网的网友,自然对vps被屏蔽、无法建立连接等现象再熟悉不过。遇到这种情况,新手该怎么面对和处理?经验丰富的老司机又如何做到时刻保持外网不断?本文先分析服务器被block的现象,再根据多年经验给出ip被墙的解决办法以及降低被墙概率的建议。

    Videos on my video blog (with some info on the devices I used):

    • Defective USB Cable
    • Testing a Defective USB Cable
    • Measuring a Defective USB Cable



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    Here is an overview of content I published in July:

    Blog posts:

    • Update: base64dump.py Version 0.0.12
    • Tampering With Digitally Signed VBA Projects
    • Quickpost: curl
    • 简评一波新式神就业面以及ssr、优质单卡点评 NGA玩家社区:2021-6-11 · 简评一波新式神就业面以及ssr、优质单卡点评 在玩(云)了小半天的体验后,相信大家都已经对新机制幻境和体验服的新式神有了一定的了解。那么话不多说,今天我为大家带来九个新式神的就业前景分析以及可选单卡点评。
    • Update: oledump.py Version 0.0.51
    • Cracking VBA Project Passwords
    • ndisasm 2.15 stdin Bug Fix
    • Update: oledump.py 0.0.52
    • Update: zipdump.py Version 0.0.20
    • Update: InteractiveSieve 0.9.1
    • Update: pecheck.py Version 0.7.11

    YouTube videos:

    • Defective USB Cable
    • Testing a Defective USB Cable
    • 山海镜花自选选谁-山海镜花自选ssr选择推荐_侠游戏网:今天 · 山海镜花自选ssr镜灵选哪个?山海镜花ssr镜灵哪个好?由于28号更新的错误,山海镜花会补偿小伙伴们一个ssr,这个ssr小伙伴们可以自选,除了新池子镜灵,有不少小伙伴不知道ssr该选择什么
    • Cracking Maldoc VBA Project Passwords

    Videoblog posts:

    • YARA’s BASE64 Strings
    • Defective USB Cable
    • Testing a Defective USB Cable
    • Measuring a Defective USB Cable
    • Cracking Maldoc VBA Project Passwords

    SANS ISC Diary entries:

    • Wireshark 3.2.5 Released
    • CVE-2020-5902 F5 BIG-IP Exploitation Attempt
    • CVE-2020-5902: F5 BIG-IP RCE Vulnerability
    • Maldoc: VBA Purging Example
    • VBA Project Passwords
    • Zone.Identifier: A Couple Of Observations
    • ndisasm Update 2.15
    • Cracking Maldoc VBA Project Passwords
    • 简评一波新式神就业面以及ssr、优质单卡点评 NGA玩家社区:2021-6-11 · 简评一波新式神就业面以及ssr、优质单卡点评 在玩(云)了小半天的体验后,相信大家都已经对新机制幻境和体验服的新式神有了一定的了解。那么话不多说,今天我为大家带来九个新式神的就业前景分析以及可选单卡点评。


    Update: pecheck.py Version 0.7.11

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    pecheck-v0_7_11.zip (SSR可以给几人用)
    MD5: D3B69575F0A08377D1A08886D34230FD
    SHA256: 2B59F745377EABDF81118997CA70F5F4DBC1CE927370F02C6E0262869F988FA9



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    There are many new features in this update to InteractiveSieve (I neglected to publish updates).

    InteractiveSieve is a C# tool I developed to help me visualize and sift through logs (CSV files).

    I want to record a couple of videos to show what this tool can do.

    Here is a list of updates:

    • 阴阳师书翁好用吗 书翁实用性分析_搞趣网 - gao7.com:2021-3-4 · 阴阳师SSR式神黑崎一护技能是什么 阴阳师SSR 式神黑崎一护技能介绍 热点视频 阴阳师虚假之月DAY7作业 猫掌柜强势出战 阴阳师月之羽姬重要提示及奖励一览 虚假之月 阴阳师五只御馔津射穿妖刀十层 毫无尊严的妖刀姬 ...
    • SSR可以给几人用
    • Added separator option None
    • Added choice for Pivot table: matrix, list and uniques
    • Fixed Reveal all bug, thanks Bart Vanautgaerden for reporting
    • Added Hide colored lines and Hine uncolored lines; Added Info and Set as index column
    • Bugfix DataGridViewEx
    • Added Load sieve and Save sieve
    • Added m:n to pivot table
    • Added Invert
    • Added bookmarks
    • Added Previous and Next Bookmark toolbar buttons
    • Bugfix SaveSieve for bookmarks
    • SSR可以给几人用
    • Added header when saving
    • Fix for header when loading with filter
    • Added load with lookup
    • Added Treeview
    • 关于Shadowsocks的小白常见问题 总结篇 | 逗比根据地 ...:2021-10-29 · 平时在网站评论和群里,老是有一些小白问一些很常见很基础的问题,一次两次还好,回复次数多了我也烦了。所以就干脆写一个 小白常见问题总结!到时候一丢网址就完事啦! 本文章会根据平时见到多的常见的问题不停的补充完善,欢迎评论中留言提建议或者指出错误!
    • Added Copy for row
    • Pivot table list and uniques: Added support for Hide and Color buttons
    • Added Sift… value
    • Added Transform (regex) and restore
    • Added Reload

    InteractiveSieve_V_0_9_1_0.zip (https)
    MD5: C8B5B3E768FB62B7508F055122453594
    SHA256: 063A83D9DBA900C8B245532D510E822A305B258C9A3DD05F19F4F0ED2753B6E1


    [ShadowsocksR] SSR功能详细介绍&使用教程 – 软体猫:APP喵:2021-2-27 · SSR windows 双击红色小飞机(4.0是64位,2.0是32位) 日常用到两种方式: 剪贴板批量导入ssr://链接 如果你的 SSR 供应商有提供批量 SSR 服务器配置链接,你就可以复制之后通过这里导入。服务器订阅 add网址

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    I added detection of data descriptor records (PK 0x07 0x08) to option -f L (list all ZIP records found inside the provided file).

    zipdump_v0_0_20.zip (https)
    MD5: A0A826BB92805997ED3D9793C8B24385
    SHA256: AC626299A6048FA4A7E8BE2993411870F77B4B89F647B6C4264E0CC22E180999


    Update: oledump.py 0.0.52

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    This new version of oledump.py brings support for AES encrypted ZIP files via Python module pyzipper (Python 3 only). If module pyzipper is not installed, oledump will fall back to builtin module zipfile.


    And plugin plugin_vbaproject.py does now a small dictionary attack on the extracted hash to try to recover the password.

    I use the same dictionary as in zipdump.py, a dictionary that is the public domain, default wordlist used by John the Ripper, extended with a couple of passwords: infected, P@ssw0rd and VelvetSweatshop.

    oledump_V0_0_52.zip (https)
    MD5: 2528824D8A7CD2BE98615B1B1AE8C61A
    SHA256: C47A9CC658571FF23E70264B4DD4F8F47D244708E7110EA0A28128F175CF80F5


    ndisasm 2.15 stdin Bug Fix

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    山海镜花自选选谁-山海镜花自选ssr选择推荐_侠游戏网:今天 · 山海镜花自选ssr镜灵选哪个?山海镜花ssr镜灵哪个好?由于28号更新的错误,山海镜花会补偿小伙伴们一个ssr,这个ssr小伙伴们可以自选,除了新池子镜灵,有不少小伙伴不知道ssr该选择什么

    ndisasm is the disassembler of SSR可以给几人用. I like to use it, because it’s a single executable (for major operating systems) and accepts input from stdin.

    But there was an issue with Windows versions: stdin was opened in text mode, and not in binary mode. This can result in disassembly errors, like in the following example. I send 7 bytes to ndisasm via stdin, and the 4th byte is 0x1A (CTRL-Z): this is the end-of-file marker for Windows text files:


    阴阳师手游抽ssr卡技巧:2021-6-15 · 阴阳师怎么抽ssr!阴阳师ssr画符抽卡技巧 以一个程序员的视角看阴阳师这款游戏,包括抽卡概率、游戏机制、前段时间的bug产生等问题的答疑带给大家,看看都有哪些全新的认识。(程序员@老陈就是我分享) 1.大家最关心的SSR抽卡问题

    I filled a bug fix with code the fix the issue, and this was integrated in version 2.15:







    Cracking VBA Project Passwords

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    VBA projects can be protected with a password. The password is not used to encrypt the content of the VBA project, it is just used as protection by the VBA IDE: when the password is set, you will be prompted for the password.

    Tools like oledump.py are not hindered by a VBA password, they can extract VBA code without problem, as it is not encrypted.

    The VBA password is stored as the DPB value of the PROJECT stream:

    You can remove password protection by replacing the values of ID, CMG, DPB and GC with the values of an unprotected VBA Project.

    Thus a VBA password is no hindrance for staticanalysis.

    However, we might still want to recover the password, just for the fun of it. How do we proceed?

    阴阳师练小号有什么用-百度经验:2021-11-11 · 阴阳师练小号有什么用,玩了这么久的阴阳师,是不是很好奇别人为什么总是那么强,御魂那么好,SSR碎片那么多,联动活动的时候总是立马就能合成新式神?除了欧和充值以外,其实小号的作用也不能忽视。那么,小号到底有什么用呢?

    Then, this hash is encrypted (data encryption as described in MS-OVBA and the hexadecimal representation of this encrypted hash is the value of DPB.

    This data encryption is done according to an algorithm that does not use a secret key. I wrote an oledump.py plugin (plugin_vbaproject.py) to decrypt the hash and display it in a format suitable for John the Ripper and Hashcat:


    The SHA1 of a password + salt is a dynamic format in John the Ripper: dynamic_24.

    For Hashcat, it is mode 110 and you also need to use option –hex-salt.

    Remark that the password passed as argument to the SHA1 function is represented in Multi Byte Character Set format. This means that ASCII characters are represented as bytes, but that non-ASCII characters might be represented with more than one byte, depending on the VBA project’s code page.




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    This is a bugfix update to oledump.py, and a feature update for plugins.

    plugin_biff.py has a new -S (–statistics) option:

    This option can be combined with option -c (–csv).

    And there is a new plugin for VBA projects: plugin_vbaproject.py. More info in tomorrow’s blog post.


    oledump_V0_0_51.zip (https)
    MD5: 9A55FC37AD0C4C2F3D08F252C72C1A82
    SHA256: 071D1605D520A4BABBE2CDA461866C349628FE4B428AC54823492A6CD89EA487

    Saturday 18 July 2020

    Update XORSearch Version 1.11.4

    Filed under: My Software,Update — Didier Stevens @ 10:08

    This is a small bug fix version of XORSearch: fixing some printf format strings for Linux, thanks to Lenny Zeltser for reporting.

    Because of Google, I can no longer host this tool on my website.

    You have to get it from my FalsePositives GitHub repository.

    MD5: E66290D1EB15D9394C8D1264A09ECFE6
    SHA256: BF20A1D76AAD83FC3AABEDC6DDC7F96B655DC94BEC3FA276A50AF6046EBB554C

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